Get to know Tiya’s Hammocks

Hammocks sizes and types

Our hammocks are categorized by material, size, usage, and design


A: Outdoor hammocks

Colorful hammocks and Monotone hammocks:

Made from Acrylic yarn, each yarn has its unique color to be handwoven by our skilled production team with long time experience. Neatly put together one by one the thin yarns to become a beautiful and durable hammock with interloop or V weave technique.

They are in the cocoon style, no spread bar.

Original designs


handmade hammock - thailand hammock

Cotton Rope hammocks:

Made from 100% natural cotton rope, natural dye to have 3 colors available in white, beige, and black. Hand knitting by another team with long term experience and high skill as well.

They are different by size and knot space. 4,  7, or 10 cm. knot space, the smaller the more comfortable.

These cotton robe hammocks come in classic design and colors for both Single and Double sizes. The natural soft touch of the material and spread bars on both sides help to reach maximum comfort.

handmade hammock - hammock thailand
handmade hammock - hammock thailand

B: Indoor hammocks

Thai Fabric Batik hammocks:

Made from quality cotton fabric, sewing by our professional team in Bangkok.  This hammock is beautiful with choices of colors you can choose from.  Use it indoors without exposure to the sun and rain. This hammock is also great to carry anywhere with lightweight and a solid piece of fabric. So, it’s not easy to get damaged.


One size available as a single hammock

handmade hammock - hammock thailand
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