Guide to hang your hammock

There are also several considerations hammockers should take into account before choosing a type of hammock.

What to consider and prepare before order one?

How do you plan to hang it?

Hammockers have the option of hanging the hammock between two trees, two poses, on the walls, hang with beams from the ceiling or purchasing a hammock stand which allowing you to set up the hammock in virtually any location.

Do you prefer hammock with spreader bars (Cotton Rope Hammocks) vs. hammock cocooning (Colorful Hammocks)

You should consider whether you want a cocooning effect or a spread-out effect when setting up the hammock. Our hammock stand is for the one with spread bar (Cotton Rope Hammocks).

Taking Appropriate Measurements…

Make sure that you have enough distance from the ground by check the length of the hammock you’re purchasing and the distance between the two points you plan to hang your hammock up. If you are planning to get the hammock stand, it is well measured and fit for Cotton Rope Hammock. 

Now see the options to hang your hammock.

Ropes + hooks

Easiest and most convenient, easy to move, and no need any drilling. Work best with the trees, work well with the poses. This option is perfect if you want to keep the hammock inside sometimes. The hooks will make it easier to remove from hanging.


Here we provide you ropes and hooks if you prefer. If you don’t plan to move the hammock around using only ropes is enough. 

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