Naiyang Beach – Phuket, Thailand

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Naiyang Beach – Phuket, Thailand

Naiyang Beach - Phuket, Thailand

Naiyang Beach is in Sirinat National Park, only it’s located only 1 kilometer from Phuket International Airport. It’s in the north part of Phuket, between Naiton beach and Maikhao beach. Naiyang beach is 3 kilometers long. The part of 1 kilometer is in the park area. 

Visitors can choose to visit the one in the park area by paying some fees. Or you can also choose to visit the public side.  What I love most about Naiyang beach is that, there are many spots you can find the shadow from the trees. Therefore, you can stay under almost all day long.  Then wait for the highlight of the day “Sunset”.

This beach is one of the quiet beaches in Phuket. You can have a true relaxation. Yet, you can get to enjoy to see some activities here. People are here to do some fun things in the water apart from swimming such as surfing. There are a lot of restaurants on the beach. Many local vendors you can get some local simple food such as Phadthai or some refreshing coconut water in the coconut at the local price.

This beach is quite different from other busy beaches such as Patong or Kata, Karon. Because you will also see quite a lot of local residents spending time here too. Naiyang beach has aqua clear water, clean and as it’s very near airport, you will see the plane while coming close or leaving the island closely.

​To spend the day there, you can start by getting some snack from local vendors with some smoothies or cold drinks. Then finding spot to hang the hammock which is very easy. After you have settled, then you can relax in there until sunset time is coming. What I do most time is getting the best spot from one of those bars and restaurants on the beach. Enjoy the sunset drinks there. And if you feel like it, why not having a premium seafood dinner there.  I tell you one secret. There are quite a few places on the beach that offer “happy hours”, so don’t miss that sign!

Enjoy Naiyang Beach 🙂

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