Mai Khao Beach – Phuket, Thailand

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Mai Khao Beach – Phuket, Thailand

Mai Khao Beach - Phuket, Thailand

Mai Khao Beach or locals call Hat Mai Khao. It is in the north of Phuket, Thailand.

One of the beautiful beaches on the west coast that most beaches are for swimming. However, swimming in Mai Khao Beach would be a bit difficult. It has most of the time big waves. 

This beach has about 10 kilometers long which is the longest beach in Phuket. Most of the area of the beach is in Sirinart National Park area. People love it here if they like some privacy. 

From Phuket International Airport taking the direction to the north further to Phang Nga province, it will take only 15-20 minutes drive. It’s far away from the crowds and could be a bit too quiet for some people. However, there are a lot of high end, luxury villas and resorts surround the area.

There are some beach clubs that you can find some spot to sit down and chill for the sunset drinks.  If you do not want to take those seats, you can still get some drinks from local vendors around there and sit anywhere.

With the advantage of many tall trees around there so yes, you always get the shadow. Enjoy watching the waves.  And to get some spots to hang the hammock is always very easy. Like what we did on that one of our beautiful days in Phuket.

Take 1 one hammock each for you to have the maximum comfort. But don’t forget Tiya’s Hammocks also has a range of V Weave hammocks that big enough for 2 adults. 

That day, we found our spot with the perfect branches of the big trees. Then we hung our hammocks and spent the whole afternoon under the trees. Reading and napping. Finishing the day with the Sunset drinks at one of the Beach Clubs around there.


What a perfect day, one of our those beautiful days in Phuket 🙂

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