Samet Nangshe View Point – Phang Nga, Thailand

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Samet Nangshe View Point – Phang Nga, Thailand

Check out one of the panorama views outside Phuket

Samet Nangshe View Point, what is it and where is this place?

It’s where people come for the beautiful sunrise in the morning and shiny stars at night. One of the  most popular panoramas in Phang Nga. 

Located in Takuatung district in Phang Nga Province. On a hilltop just a short drive from Phuket. It provides stunning views over Phang Nga Bay. No lights up around here so,  if you’re lucky you could get to see the Milky Way here too.

To visit, one night is perfect to stay up there.

Here’s our journey… 

We drove from Phuket to there, took us about only 1 hour from where we are (Laguna Phuket area). We had already the plan to stay the night in the tent for some adventures.

Getting there is not difficult as long as you follow Google map, it gives accurate direction and destination pin. We arrived there at the accommodation in the afternoon. The tent is simple, good for 2 people. There are shared bathrooms and toilets provided.

It’s still quite bright so we decided to go up the mountains to check the top view point. Along the way, we found the perfect spot for hammocking!

After reaching the top, appreciated the amazing view of famous Phang Nga Bay. It is a view of breathtaking 180-degree panorama. 

Then as we were quite hungry that we skipped lunch that day. So why not having the early dinner.

Nothing complicated, we had a simple early dinner from the local vendor. As we were more looking forward to see stars in the dark sky which you can’t see them much in big town like Phuket where we live.

And we were not disappointed at all…

Next morning, it’s even more stunning with the sunrise scene in front of you. I opened my eyes, open the tent’s zips.. looking out, there again where I realized how awesome this place is.

After enough time we had to enjoy watching sunrise slowly, it’s breakfast time. Yes, in that view!

This place, if you live in Phuket or if you have got the chance to visit Phuket. It should be in your list to visit. It’s like a heaven on earth to me.


One warning though – bring mosquito spray!!

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